Pencil cases and bamboo “bone” kits.

This vegetal base, finely sanded, is rolled up in an artisanal fiber textile and is closed with a leather tie.

Bones elegantly highlights the interior patterns of bamboo.

“ Bamboo is like a plant profile, a green tube with a few internal partitions, witnesse


s of its growth speed. And nature offers it to us for free, in all sizes and already varnished ! ”
Bruno Munari, 1958


Collaboration with Cordélia Faure

Bamboo, braided textile, leather, Taiwanese vegetal lacquer

Dimensions : 200 x 70 x 25 mm

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Bags, Packaging, Interior Design & Decoration, Receptacles, Gifting, Industrial design, Pencilcase


Leather, Textile, Bamboo, Vegetal lacquer