Polymorphic Appleoideæns

The irresponsibility of man has left many scars on our planet. When we see the mutations caused by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, we see the effects of negligence are long lasting. We’d be tempted at to name the afflicted offspring malformed, however these mutations are evidence of nature’s innate


ability to prevail. As our tainted planet fights to heal itself, the boundary between products of industry and nature will blur evermore. My collection of Contemporary Artifacts consists of “Future Fossils”- depicting the throw-away era, and “Semi-Slugs”- previews of life forms to come, possibly even among those that will succeed us.

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Brooch, Conceptual jewellery


Soldering, Upcycling, 3D Collage, Stone Cutting


Shell, Stone, Found Objects, Coral, Headphones

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