First time wearing ring

• There are a lot of rings. they are always worn on the hand and consistent with the definition of the ring in people’s heart. If a ring is not worn on the hand, but it is the most common ring image in the heart of people. I think it will be a new feeling for the people who wearing it, this is the f


irst time to wear a ring. On the ring itself it is also a new definition. In "The first time wearing ring" topic, I chose the most typical ring diamond image simplify and abstract it, photosensitive resin for 3D printing to achieve the different size of the ring but with the same completely uniform in shape, it can give people an illusion from the picture, the inner ring with silver plated, and in contrast to the white resin.

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Bracelet, Conceptual jewellery, Necklace, Rings


3D Print, handmade


resin, silver

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