Coffee table "I" from the Abecedario collection for Forma&Cemento is inspired by ebony cabinets, which hide a miniature theater behind their doors. " As a child, my grandfather had one of these cabinets and I remember contemplating the ingenuity of this piece of furniture, dreaming that I could - lik


e Alice in Wonderland - shrink, slip into it and get lost in it."
In the same way, “I” reveals under its top a structure whose shape and ornaments recall the precious architecture of Venetian palaces, thus expressing the multiple properties of cement sublimated by handwork.
With the "I" coffee table, the Abecedario collection, whose artistic direction is led by Marialaura Irvine, is enriched with new graphemes, tables that allow us to continue writing a concrete alphabet giving life to an authentic language.

Photo 1 : coffee table "I" by Serena Eller, photo 2 : Abecedario collection 2023 with Clementine Chambon & Studio Salaris, photo 3 : Forma&cemento at Convey with Studio Irvine, Studio Salaris, Serena Confalonieri and Clementine Chambon by Delfino Sisto Legnani

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