MWM X Breeze Blocks 2020.

2019 has been a year that I have focused the majority of my personal design explorations towards functional architectural elements. Gates / Windows Shields / Balcony Railings, Brickwork Mosaics, & most recently a massive series of 100+ Breeze Blocks. I believe with momentum & a great team of collabor


ators, 2020 will be the year that these ideas come to life in-situ at a grand scale. I have always been fascinated by these blocks & the see-thru walls they create. Even though the designs must stay on the simpler side due to their concrete construction & load bearing function, somehow I always discover versions I have never seen before when I am traveling. I went into this design exploration quite methodically (linear, circular, combo), & did not do any research during the process to source ideas. That said, I do have a strong memory for what I have seen street-level IRL & for sure there are a some in here that resemble classic blocks that already exist, but I'm optimistic that there are a bunch that have not yet been actualized. These are what I was questing for, innovations & new twists. My goal now will be to go into prototype phase with a dozen favorites & see how far into this heavy-duty world I can go as a complete outsider. Advice & Introductions much appreciated.

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