Driven by the idea to pursue Douglas 10th anniversary exhibition with Odile Hainaut, we have imagined a new project. Indeed, the first reaction would have been to have an itinerary exhibition and to send it to NY for the Wanted Design 2018.
Douglas wood is a resinous tree originating from North and


West America. It had been implanted in our area in the middle of the 19th century for its growing qualities and to overcome local deforestation due to forest exploitation (especially as used as fuel for glass fusion).

From this assessment, we have imagined a singular project, to « export » the technical process developed in Meisenthal for Douglas vase, outsourcing our team in NY to « produce » in situ a new and special line of Douglas to be shown during Wanted Design. The main idea is to move the team and the technical protocol and produce totally or mainly the exhibition in 10 days of work with local resources (glass work, stage design, photos, texts, films).

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