Portable video game console. 2017.
Product Design - Branding
Client: Aadalie
Agency: DISTORSION (Pierre Alex / Aurélien Rodot)

Distortion, the digital design agency I co-founded, has designed the next generation of the Gamebuino Meta portable video game console, which allows users to


learn how to program their own video games. The design of the console, was intended to be a more commercial and less radical version of the first-generation console, all the while remaining its extension. The "Makers" and "Vintage" values already being identified, we brought out a new aspect: a movie that tells the story of a movie is "Meta", Gamebuino is a video game console for creating creating video games ... thus Gamebuino Meta.

Above all, this "Meta" design embeds innovative features like a backlighting device in the player's hands, making the game spill out of the screen, and attract attention in the public space.
In addition, the console has a secret "Meta" button: when you press "SELECT" and "START", the game switches to Meta mode. For example: the game displays the player's hands, gravity is reversed, weapons are banned and so on. This mode aims to stimulate the creativity of Gamebuino game designers.

As for shapes and materials, the form factor is very classic for a portable video game console. We wanted the object to be identified as a video game console at first sight. The horizontal screen is framed by two round buttons on one side and, on the other, a directional pad that is reminiscent of the legendary Gameboy. Nevertheless, the materials (transparent PC, wood stickers) are quirky compared to those usually found on this type of products. Finally, the wood stretches to the back of the shell, drawing two grips that facilitate the way one holds the console and providing players with a "hot, maker and vintage" tactile experience.

Distortion also provided the artistic direction of Gamebuino's new branding (graphic design: Elise Auffray). The project has been supported by Saint-Etienne Métropole and BPI, and has already doubled its goal on Kickstarter. This new generation console has already been sold in more than 2,000 copies, 80% of which are exported. Exhibition in Shenzen and the Netherlands as part of the Shenzhen Young Talent Award, SDAY finalist. Star of the Observeur du design 2018.

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portable video game console


Product design


LED, Polycarbonate, Wood stickers