Dina Bukva
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Dina Bukva
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Barcelona, Espagne
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30 ans
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Hello! I am a graphic designer and illustrator and my inspiration are people and their stories. That's why I draw characters and their stories. I have started to creat a series of short films called Nudesandcroissants – narratives about social media, the circulation of images and how it is effecting


us. I see my creativity and curiosity as my biggest value.

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Founder of Nudesandcroissants
Nudesandcroissants juin. 2017 - Présent
Barcelona, Espagne

Nudesandcroissants is a collection of short illustrated films focusing on the circulation of images and behaviour of social media users. Through narrative I create an experience, where each viewer is able to see how we interact with images on social media or how those images are interacting with us.


In each film fictional characters are dealing with small tragedies, such as tanning, Gucci bags and hair that doesn‘t move in the wind.

Featured in several Filmfestivals and selected as one of the „Take Five“ blogposts by Central Saint Martins: http://blogs.arts.ac.uk/csm/2018/06/29/take-five-dina-bukva/

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Lethaby Gallery juin. 20, 2018 - juin. 24, 2018
London, Royaume-Uni

My project "Nudesandcroissants" was exhibited at HERE NOW show, Lethaby Gallery.

Vienna Shorts Filmfestival
Vienna Shorts (VIS) mai. 29, 2018 - juin. 4, 2018
Vienna, Autriche

My short animated film "A perfect me, A perfect you" has been selected as one of the films screened at the Vienna Independent Shorts Filmfestival.

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Master of Arts
Central Saint Martins (London) oct.. 2016 - juin. 2018
London, Royaume-Uni

Graphic and Communication Design

Cinema Next Filmfestival
Cinema Next mai. 5, 2018 - mai. 15, 2018
Salzburg, Graz , Autriche

My film "Orange is still better than white" has been selected as one of the films being screened at the Cinema Next Festival In Salzburg and Graz.

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Unknown Quantities Journal, ISSUE 5
Central Saint Martins (London) juin. 2017 - oct.. 2017
London, Royaume-Uni

UQ Journal is a yearly collaborative publication between curators and designers. Each year a group of students is being selected by Central Saint Martins to create a publication. By each issue, the contributors initiate a theme to be discussed from both design and curatorial perspectives. In this iss


ue, we chose „Periphery“ as an area of discussion to be developed as a coherent publication. Working closely with curators and editors, the aim was to design an inside-out reading experience which challenges the standard priorities of a text and the magazine itself.

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Bachelor of Arts
New Design University oct.. 2014 - juin. 2016
St. Pölten, Autriche

Graphic Design

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Graphic Designer
Joh. Alex. Niernsee fév.. 2014 - juin. 2016
Vienna, Autriche

Internal Graphic Designer. Creating product advertisement for TV, radio and print. Product development and packaging design. Basic Webdesign and creating of online advertisement such as banners.

Die Graphische sept.. 2014 - juin. 2013
Vienna, Autriche

Graphic and Commuication Design





Editorial design

Conceptual Thinking



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Take Five: Dina Bukva

My final project "Nudesandcrissants" has been featured as one of the Take Five Blogposts by Central Saint Matins.

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