Chistera system - STAUB

Development of the Chistera Drop-Structure technology for STAUB. It is a system that can be placed under all types of STAUB enamelled cast iron lids. The latter ensures continuous watering of the food during cooking and allows homogeneous cooking. Its secret: a cover lined with elements of a unique s


hape inspired by chistera which required 2 years of research and testing.

This system is applied to the whole range in different sizes of STAUB saute pan. These combine the versatility of use, compactness and quality of cooking. The inside is enamelled “matt black”, and allows to work any kind of products: seize meats, roast vegetables, simmer risottos, make sauces, or even cook cakes.

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Industrial design, tableware, cooking, tools

Projet suivant par Samuel Accoceberry Studio