Maison Kitsuné offers a unique, inspirational Art de Vivre blending a fashion brand, music label and coffee shops
"Maison Kitsuné, is above all story of passions, ambitions and the desire to start doing.”




Born in 1973 in Lesneven in Brittany, Gildas Loaëc is a modern self-made man: self-taught, he started out organising rave parties and printing fanzines at school.
In 1995, he opened the record shop “Street Sounds” in Paris, a popular spot for House Music lovers. It was there that he met his future partner Masaya.



Masaya Kuroki arrived in France from Japan at a very young age and grew up in Paris amidst the artistic effervescence of the 1990s, hanging out at early house music parties and in the capital’s skate shops. A major fan of fashion, he paid his way through architecture school by working in vintage clothes stores.

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260 000 000
Streams over the past 12 months.
Artists showcased from all over the world (France, UK, South Korea, The USA, South Africa, Finland and many more).
Events per year.
320 000 000
Followers across all social media platforms.
Points of sale worldwide
Artists showcased from all over the world (France, UK, South Korea, The USA, South Africa, Finland and many more)
Widely renown visual artists & photographs: Cépé, Marguerite Bornhauser, Olga Varova, Simon Landrein, Alba Yruela
Lifestyle events

Maison Kitsuné now curates a lifestyle program that features book launch, exhibition and more creative activations hosted into its own retail networks. Each boutique has its curation featuring local & international artists

Café Kitsuné

Café Kitsuné pays tribute to the pleasure of enjoying a quality coffee in iconic locations, currently Tokyo’s Aoyama district and Paris’ gardens of the Palais Royal. Loyal to its origins, Café Kitsuné’s menu also offers in addition to coffee, French-Japanese specialties. Five years after its creation, Café Kitsuné successfully launched a collection of tableware, ready-to-wear and accessories.

Maison Kitsuné - The Fashion Brand

Maison Kitsuné is a fashion house that offers high quality contemporary men’s and women’s wear, appealing to a generation that appreciates the casual without overlooking more tailored pieces.

The fashion brand’s portfolio includes seasonal collections (Maison Kitsuné), a timeless Parisian-inspired wardrobe (Maison Kitsuné Parisien) and a third line of genderless arty designs (ACIDE Maison Kitsuné).


Since its debut, Maison Kitsuné has collaborated with young, avant-garde labels and more established, prestigious brands such as J.M. Weston, Oliver Peoples, Peter Jensen, New Era, Maison Pierre Marcolini, Reebok Classic, shu uemura, ADER error, the NBA or ToiletPaper.

Kitsuné Musique

Where music, events, design, bands & DJs, and more meet. Kitsuné Musique aims to adhere to the initial ethos of discovering new music through a unique experience, whether it’s with a single release mixing the worlds of music and design or attending a Kitsuné Afterwork in Seoul or Los Angeles to discover up-and-coming artists.