Les Rencontres d'Arles 2024

Image: Tshepiso Mazibuko, Thapelo, Thokoza, 2017-2018, Ho tshepa ntshepedi ya bontshepe series. Courtesy of the artist


Tshepiso Mazibuko

Prix de la Photo Madame Figaro Arles

The Prix de la Photo Madame Figaro Arles was awarded to Tshepiso Mazibuko for her exhibition Ho tshepa ntshepedi ya bontshepe [To believe in something that will never happen]. A look at South Africa's post-apartheid born-free generation, which contains the trauma and after-effects of segregation. Tshepiso Mazibuko was born in 1995 in the township of Thokoza, some thirty kilometres south-east of Johannesburg, where she lives and works. Through portraits of young people photographed in their daily lives in Thokoza, she takes an inside look at her community and paints an intimate portrait.

Image: François Bellabas, MOTORSTUDIES_DTB, 2016. Courtesy of the artist / ADAPG, Paris


François Bellabas

Prix Découverte Fondation Louis Roederer

The Prix Découverte Fondation Louis Roederer was awarded to François Bellabas for his project An electronic legacy [Un héritage programmé]. The project reflects a research approach in which artificial intelligence is now considered in its genealogy, through different generations of tools. The image, considered as data, has become the keystone of a system in which humans move indistinctly between real and virtual spaces. The exhibition is based around a single motif: fire.

Image: Ishiuchi Miyako, Mother’s #35, Mother’s series. Courtesy of the artist / The Third Gallery Aya


Ishiuchi Miyako

Prix Women In Motion

Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako was awarded the Prix Women In Motion. The theme of the representation of women permeates Ishiuchi's work in a subtle and powerful way. Her photographs celebrate imperfections, scars and ageing. By presenting intimate scenes, Ishiuchi Miyako invites viewers to question their own perceptions of femininity, the feminine and the place of women. Among her most notable works are her 2005 series Mother's, in which she photographed objects inherited from her deceased mother and her internationally acclaimed 2007 series ひろしま/hiroshima, in which she photographed objects that belonged to victims of the atomic bomb (hibakusha).

Image: Florence Cuschieri, La ronde des hirondelles, France, 2023. Texts: Sylvain Prudhomme. Design: Lia Pradal.


La ronde des hirondelles by Florence Cuschieri

LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award

La ronde des hirondelles [The round of swallows] by Florence Cuschieri received the LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award. La ronde des hirondelles depicts the daily lives of men exiled in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes. They are in a latent state after weeks of long walks. Interaction with the landscape, immersion and contemplation were the rhythms of this time. Walking is seen here as an outlet, a reflective state; an escape from the sometimes dreary day-to-day.

Image: Award-winning books from the 2024 edition Les Rencontres d'Arles


Prix du livre

The Prix du livre d’auteur for the best photographic book presenting a project by a contemporary author was awarded to Tu ne meurs pas by Marie Sumalla and Ghazal Golshiri. The Prix du livre historique for the best documented work on photography or a photographer, whether thematic or monographic was awarded to '89 Tiananmen by Kan Tai Wong. The Prix photo-texte for the best book in which photographs and words contribute equally to the work was awarded to The Last Safe Abortion by Carmen Winant.

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Prix Dior de la Photographie et des Arts Visuels pour Jeunes Talents 2024

Image: Doriane Bellet, ENSP Arles, Face à face, dans un monde si petit, que nous habitons tous ensemble [Face to face, in a world so small that we all inhabit it together], Cuba, février 2023.


Prix Dior de la Photographie et des Arts Visuels pour Jeunes Talents

The 7th edition of the Prix Dior de la Photographie et des Arts Visuels pour Jeunes Talents, launched in 2018 in partnership with LUMA Arles and ENSP Arles, brings together the work of 13 winners from the most prestigious art and photography schools in an exhibition on the theme "Face-to-face". This year's winners were selected by a jury chaired by photographer Brigitte Lacombe, they are: Doriane Bellet, Paola Chapdelaine, Valentin Derom, Krystyna Gorayska, Chia Huang, Natalia Kepesz, Kyu Sang Lee, Emilia Martin, Fawaz Oyedeji, Ayako Sakuragi, Charley Tengbergen, Anastasia Troshkova and Yiding Wang.

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Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts de Paris 2024

Image: Elias Loudiyi, Untitled, 235 x 250 cm. Acrylic, charcoal and oil pastel on canvas. © Elias Loudiyi


Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Since 2008, the Amis des Beaux-Arts de Paris association has been awarding prizes to 3rd and 5th year students selected by a jury of contemporary art professionals. In 2024, seven prizes were awarded, six by loyal sponsors and the seventh by members of the association. This year's winners are Elias Loudiyi, Thomas Buswell, Timothée Gruel, Maria Adjovi, Libo Wei, Alexandre Nitzsche Cysne and Leto William.

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Design Parade Toulon 2024

Image: Willie Morlon, Placo studiolo.


Willie Morlon

Grand Prix Design Parade Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels

The Grand Prix Design Parade Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels was awarded to Willie Morlon for his project Placo studiolo. Placo studiolo is a Mediterranean palace room. A dream palace like the ones you see in pictures or museums, but without precious materials, marble or gold. Just plasterboard from floor to ceiling, polystyrene insulation and building site straps. The work of the artisan architect is brought back to the forefront as a testament to knowledge and the pleasure of making things, reinvesting the interior as a space for popular expression.

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Design Parade Hyères 2024

Image: Sacha Parent & Valentine Tiraboschi, Décor par le sable.


Sacha Parent & Valentine Tiraboschi

Grand Prix Design Parade Hyères

The Grand Prix Design Parade Hyères was awarded to Sacha Parent and Valentine Tiraboschi for their project Décor par le sable [Ornamentation with sand]. This research project is inventing a new ornamental technique in which the designer combines the natural behaviour of a simple material - sand - with traditional craftsmanship. The sand ornaments challenge us, as creators or users, to question the uniformity of formal vocabularies and the standardisation of contemporary production methods.

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Grand Prix d’Architecture 2024
Académie des beaux-arts

Image: Bernard Tschumi Architects, MuséoParc Alésia, Alise-Sainte-Reine, France, 2012. Photo: Christian Richters


Bernard Tschumi

Grand Prix d’Architecture

Franco-Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi was awarded the Grand Prix d’Architecture de l'Académie des beaux-arts 2024. One of the most significant architects of his generation, his atypical career as an architect is rooted in both teaching and theoretical research. His work, both theoretical and built, emphasises the relationship between concept and context and between space and event. In 1982, he won the project for the Parc de la Villette in Paris, his first competition.

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