Kiesler Prize 2024

Image: House & Restaurant, Ube/Japan, 2022, photography © junya.ishigami+associates


Junya Ishigami

Kiesler Prize

Japanese architect Junya Ishigami is the 13th winner of the Austrian Frederick Kiesler Prize for Architecture and the Arts. Ishigami’s work is highly diverse, acknowledging the fact that the demands of today are multi-dimensional. Rather than finding the one solution, he sees it as the core task of the contemporary architect to find a variety of different solutions in relation to a specific location and a specific task. Ishigami is thereby producing a wide range of outstanding and very idiosyncratic projects, such as the KAIT Workshop at Kanagawa Institute of Technology (Atsugi/Japan, 2008), the Museum Park of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow (Russia, 2019) or the House & Restaurant (Ube/Japan, 2022).

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ANDAM Fashion Awards 2024

Image: Christopher Esber, Pre Fall 2024.


Christopher Esber

Grand Prize

Christopher Esber is the Grand Prize winner of the 2024 ANDAM Fashion Awards, marking the 35th anniversary edition of the prize whose jury was chaired this year by Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello. Based in Sydney, Christopher Esber has won over fans including Zendaya and Dua Lipa with his minimalist summer styles. Passionate about creating effortless, relaxed glamour, the designer takes a subtractive approach to design. Describing his brand he says: "The brand is embedded in structure, sensuality, and a connection to nature. The mix of all these elements really are the DNA of the brand."

Image: Maeden, Canna Classic Dune⁠. Photo: Casper van der Linden



Accessories Prize

The Accessories Prize went to Maeden, an Amsterdam-based luxury goods label founded by Christian Heikoop, which stood out for its innovative approach to leather craftsmanship and sustainability. "While the design may seem simple at first glance, the construction is technically advanced and incredibly precise. By partnering with local livestock and tannery partners, we aim to create a zero-waste environment, uphold the highest animal welfare standards, and ensure a hundred percent verifiable traceable data." says Christian Heikoop.

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Prix ellipse 2024

Image: Nobel Koty, 02 - Voile series, 2024. 130 x 110 cm, acrylic on canvas.


Nobel Koty

Prix ellipse

Nobel Koty is the winner of the fourth edition of the Prix ellipse, dedicated this year to emerging Beninese creation. Nobel Koty, from Cotonou, Benin, is a painter born in 1988. Through self-portraiture, the young artist transcends the superficial to explore in depth the various emotional layers inherent in the human being, inviting the viewer to join this intimate journey. His works act as refuges where human fragility is revealed without artifice, capturing moments of vulnerability that resonate deeply with our own experiences. Each canvas is an invitation to reflect on the human condition, encouraging us to explore our own emotions and better understand the world around us.

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Paul Ege Art Prize 2024

Image: Kelly Tissot, Polka (I-VI), 2021. Installation view, Polka,, Zürich, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Photography: Claude Barrault


Kelly Tissot

Paul Ege Art Prize

Kelly Tissot is the seventh winner of this year's Paul Ege Art Prize. Kelly Tissot was born in France in 1995, she lives and works in Basel. In commenting on its choice, the jury said: "Kelly Tissot employs photography in order to communicate a close but unsentimental viewpoint of agricultural and rural life. In this work she presents a little-explored perspective with considerable authority. It is not romantic nor is it driven primarily by environmental concerns but manifests the social structures of farm and rural life."

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Frieze Seoul 2024

Artist Award

Image: Choi Goen, Gloria, 2023, exhibition view. Bronze plated on stainless steel pipe, artificial marble, 1.3 × 1.2 × 1.4 m. Courtesy of the artist.


Choi Goen

Artist Award

Korean artist Choi Goen has been named as the recipient of the 2024 Artist Award at Frieze Seoul. Now in its second year, the Artist Award enables an emerging or mid-career artist to realize an ambitious new body of work. Choi’s installation debuts at Frieze Seoul, 4–7 September, at COEX. Choi repurposes and transforms industrial elements – such as exhaust pipes and air-conditioning units – to reveal the complex physical materials that sustain our digital connections and silently permeate our urban environment. This new commission takes the form of two large-scale sculptures: White Home Wall: Welcome and Gloria.

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2024 Wheelwright Prize

Image: Thandi Loewenson, Whisper Network Intelsat 502 (still), 2022. Performance and drawings (graphite on tarkovski paper).


Thandi Loewenson

Wheelwright Prize

Thandi Loewenson is the winner of the 2024 Wheelwright Prize for her project Black Papers: Beyond the Politics of Land, Towards African Policies of Earth & Air. While the importance of land in the context of African liberation movements and subsequent postcolonial governments has been analysed primarily in terms of private property, dispossession and redistribution, agriculture and mining, Loewenson broadens our understanding by introducing a wider analytical framework. She includes many overlapping terrains above and below ground, spanning rare metals buried far below the Earth’s crust and reaching up to the digital cloud and Earth’s ionosphere, and ranging in scale from a solitary breath of air to entire weather systems.

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