Prix Women In Motion 2024

Image: Ishiuchi Miyako, ひろしま/hiroshima #37F donor: Harada A. Courtesy of the artist / The Third Gallery Aya


Ishiuchi Miyako

Prix Women In Motion

Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako is the winner of the Prix Women In Motion 2024 presented by Kering and Les Rencontres d'Arles. The theme of the representation of women permeates Ishiuchi's work in a subtle and powerful way. Her photographs celebrate imperfections, scars and ageing. By presenting intimate scenes, Ishiuchi Miyako invites viewers to question their own perceptions of femininity, the feminine and the place of women. Among her most notable works are her 2005 series Mother's, in which she photographed objects inherited from her deceased mother, and her internationally acclaimed 2007 series ひろしま/hiroshima, in which she photographed objects that belonged to victims of the atomic bomb (hibakusha).

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Prix Sisley Beaux-Arts de Paris 2024

Image: Nina Jayasuriya, Les caresses qui piquent, 2023. © Aurélien Mole


Nina Jayasuriya

Prix Sisley Beaux-Arts de Paris

Nina Jayasuriya is the winner of the Prix Sisley Beaux-Arts de Paris pour la Jeune Création 2024. From Paris, where she was born, to Sri Lanka, where her parents live, Nina Jayasuriya reappropriates elements of our daily lives to create 'spaces-temples' conducive to meditation and contemplation. The 28-year-old artist uses oil paint as well as tattooing and sculpture, practices she developed during her five years of study at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, from which she graduated last year with the congratulations of the jury. Currently on show as part of the group exhibition Temps Z at the Mennour gallery in Paris, her discreet, poetic works evoke the mass tourism that has transformed the Sri Lankan seaside, where her family has run a hotel since she was a child.

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CHANEL Next Prize 2024

Image: Installation view Ho Tzu Nyen, The Cloud of Unknowing (2011), Singapore Art Museum, 2013. Photo Singapore Art Museum. Courtesy the artist and Kiang Malingue. Installation view Tolia Astakhishvili, Our garden is in Bonn, The First Finger exhibition, Bonner Kunstverein, 2023. Photo: Mareike Tocha. Dalton Paula, study for Brazilian Portraits exhibition. Photo: Isabella Matheus. Courtesy MASP


CHANEL Next Prize

The winners of the second CHANEL Next Prize, which awards ten artists working across disciplines ranging from art, to film, performance and music, have been announced. The biennial prize was launched in 2021 as part of the CHANEL Culture Fund. This year’s winners include Georgian artist Tolia Astakhishvili, whose multidisciplinary practice includes installations exploring the relationship between people and architectural space; Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen, whose films and performances often combine images from mythological, art historical and documentary sources to offer new ways of looking at the past; and Dalton Paula, whose painted and photographic portraits bring to the fore overlooked figures from Brazilian history.

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La Prairie Art Award 2024

Image: Marikit Santiago, A Seat at the Table (Magulang), 2022, collaboration with Maella Santiago, Santi Mateo Santiago and Sarita Santiago, Art Gallery of New South Wales, La Prairie Art Award 2024. © Marikit Santiago, photo: Garry Trinh, courtesy the artist


Marikit Santiago

La Prairie Art Award

The recipient of the La Prairie Art Award 2024 is Marikit Santiago, whose two works A Seat at the Table (Magulang) and A Seat at the Table (Kapatid) will enter the Art Gallery of New South Wales collection. Santiago’s paintings probe the artist’s relationship between art and life, career and family, myth and reality. Using oil paint and gold leaf alongside humble materials such as cardboard boxes and markers, Santiago produces rich and detailed compositions, layered with cultural and religious symbolism. Her deeply personal and meticulous practice explores her lived Filipina-Australian experience through the canon of Western art history.

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ITS Contest 2023/24

Image: Look from Momoka Sato's ITS Contest 2023/24 collection Utopia on the mountain top.
Courtesy of ITS


Momoka Sato

ITS Arcademy Award

The International Talent Support Contest has named Momoka Sato as the winner of the ITS Arcademy Award for her Utopia on the mountain top collection. Momoka Sato presented a whimsical collection with a strong and elaborate narrative in tribute to her deceased grandmother. In Japanese tradition, the soul of the deceased embarks on a 49-day journey that seals their fate in the afterlife. Momoka transforms this concept into a story, with each beautifully crafted ensemble representing a specific step of the character's journey. The collection, which is rich in layering and nods to traditional Japanese gear, including the kimono trouser silhouette, also embedded recycling practices, such as reusing cotton stuffing from old mattresses.

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Prix DDESSIN {24}

Image: Cristina Escobar, 35.358,13, Bajo las estrellas altas / Under the high stars series.
Graphite on paper, 30 x 40 cm, 11.8 x 15.7 in.


Cristina Escobar


Cristina Escobar is the winner of the Prix DDESSIN {24}. As part of DDESSIN, she has created a body of work that questions individual and collective memory, and continues her exploration of her roots, her history and, in particular, exile. In her series of drawings Bajo las estrellas altas / Under the high stars, each image transports us to a specific place on Earth. Cristina Escobar adds a reference number. Using Google Map, this number directs us to a specific point on the globe marked by political and societal events that undermine peace and fundamental human values.

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Prix ICART Artistik Rezo 2024

Image: Valentine Cotte, On m'appelle Cotte de Maille. Sculpture, porcelain chain mail, 163 x 50 x 4 cm.


Valentine Cotte

Prix du Jury

Valentine Cotte is the winner of the Prix ICART Artistik Rezo 2024 Jury Prize. In her practice, which revolves around the theme of the body, injury and its care, Valentine Cotte reflects on fragility and resilience in the face of violence, injury and injustice committed against women and gendered people. Her winning work On m'appelle Cotte de Maille is a hand-crafted sculpture of a porcelain chain mail made to the artist's measurements. Like a self-portrait, the work represents a way of repairing the layers of buried memories and giving shape to the unsaid and the flaws of the past. It also represents the weakening of this patriarchal symbol, to embody the struggle of the minority.

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