Lucile Viaud

Eyes on Talents member, Lucile Viaud, spoke to ARTE about her work at the end of last year. Exploring the intimate link between landscape and material, Lucile works on transforming local by-products and neglected resources into natural glass. With each project she carries out in different regions, the artist-researcher expands her "géoverrerie " and highlights the influence of the provenance of raw materials on the nature of the "géoverres" she obtains. Defending the idea that waste is a treasure to be sublimated, she raises awareness of the need to preserve natural resources and heritage through a research-creation approach. With pure volumes and lines, glass is placed at the heart of each piece, fully reflecting the natural and human characteristics of the raw materials of which it is composed.
A graduate of the École Boulle, it was there that Lucile Viaud set up the beginnings of her project. Resident at the Ateliers de Paris from 2016 to 2018, she founded Atelier Lucile Viaud and created her brand Ostraco®. Last October, she and weaver Aurélia Leblanc won the Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main in the section Dialogues, combing their know-how to give life to Pêche cristalline, a glass fabric with changing reflections.