Grand Prix d’Architecture 2022
Académie des beaux-arts

Image: Christian de Portzamparc, Suzhou Cultural Center, Suzhou, China, 2020. © Photo: Shao Feng


Christian de Portzamparc

Grand Prix d’Architecture

The Grand Prix d’Architecture de l’Académie des beaux-arts 2022 was awarded to French architect Christian de Portzamparc. He began to make himself known through the Hautes Formes housing complex in Paris in 1979 and became famous with the construction of the Cité de la Musique in 1995. He is the first French architect to receive the Pritzker Prize in 1994. In 2004, the Grand Prix d'Urbanisme was awarded to him and in 2018, the Japan Art Association awarded him the Praemium Imperiale in the architecture category, for his artistic achievements and international influence.

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Prix Carré sur Seine 2022

Image: Luca Resta, MONUMENTS // Be Mephisto, marbre blanc de Carrare, pigments, encre,
feuille de cuivre, 2020, 33 x 21 x 22 cm, © de l’artiste


Raphaëlle Bertran

Emeric Lhuisset

Luca Resta

Prix Carré sur Seine

The Prix Carré sur Seine 2022 was awarded to Raphaëlle Bertran, Emeric Lhuisset and Luca Resta. Raphaëlle Bertran received the prize for her analytical approach with her enigmatic paintings, Emeric Lhuisset, for his committed photographic work questioning the status of the image in conflict zones and Luca Resta, for his capacity for illusion with his sculptures in marble reproducing consumer objects.

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Dezeen Awards 2022

Image: Mother and Child by Adam and Arthur. Photo by Andrew Curtis


Mother and Child by Adam and Arthur

Furniture design of the year

Dezeen has revealed the winners of this year's Dezeen Awards. Mother and Child by Adam and Arthur was named Furniture design of the year. Design duo Adam and Arthur decorated Mother and Child with straw marquetry, a craft technique that uses flattened ribbons of straw to embellish furniture. The undulating monochromatic cabinet references the silhouette of a mother and child, a recurring motif in art history. "Contemporary design is required to maintain craftmanship and this incredible piece of work demonstrates a fantastic use of ancient technique in a modern and sustainable way," said the design master jury. "The cabinet is also beautiful and extremely elaborate."

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Prix des femmes architectes 2022

Image: Avenier Cornejo architectes, crèche rue des Orteaux - Paris, 20, 2013.
Plan Climat de la Ville de Paris.


Christelle Avenier

Prix femme architecte

Christelle Avenier has been awarded the Prix femme architecte 2022, organized by ARVHA, Association pour la Recherche sur la Ville et l’Habitat, with the support of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the Conseil National de l’Ordre des Architectes, the Région Ile de France and the Ville de Paris. Christelle Avenier is the co-founder of the Avenier Cornejo architectes agency. Rozana Montiel has been awarded the Prix international 2022. She is the first Mexican architect to receive this recognition.

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Prix Archinovo 2022

Image: Arba, L'Onde, Murat (151), France, 2019.


L'Onde by Arba

Prix du Jury

L'Onde by Arba has been awarded the Prix du Jury. The architects Jean-Baptiste Barache and Sihem Lamine have a strong proposal with this wooden family house characterized by its compact silhouette and its overhanging zinc roof with double slope, convex on one side and concave on the other. The curve is a tribute to the old slate roofs, whose frames end up bending under the weight of stones and time. Here, the roof rises to the south to better capture the winter sun and lowers to the north to protect itself from the winds. The opacity of the house perceived from the outside contrasts with its surprisingly light and bright interior.

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2022 Faena Prize for the Arts

Image: Paula de Solminihac, Morning Glory, 2022. Project rendering for site-specific installation.
Courtesy of Vincente Donoso


Paula de Solminihac

Faena Prize for the Arts

Artist Paula de Solminihac, who lives and works in Santiago (Chile), was selected as the winner of the 2022 Faena Prize for the Arts. Paula de Solminihac’s large scale topographic installation, created in collaboration with architect Vicente Donoso, invites endless interaction and play for everyone on the beach. At night, when the beach is closed to the public, Morning Glory will become illuminated. The installation takes the form of the Beach Morning Glory, a traveling evergreen vine that is nearly omnipresent throughout the beaches of Florida as well as the entire world thanks to its floating, seawater-resistant seeds.

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2022 Sobey Art Award

Image: Divya Mehra, Afterlife of Colonialism, a reimagining of Power (2018–2022). PVC-coated fabric, acrylic paint, plastic and electric components. © Divya Mehra. Purchased 2019 (48651).
Courtesy National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Photo: NGC.


Divya Mehra

Sobey Art Award

The winner of Canada's Sobey Art Award is Winnipeg-born visual artist Divya Mehra, who represents the Prairies and North region. The jury found her work resoundingly timely and sophisticated in addressing systems of cultural representation, production, and authority. Untethered to any specific medium, the impact of Mehra’s practice extends beyond established constructs of art. Her approach is defined by its sharp wit, disarmingly playful allure, and attentiveness to language and aesthetics. Her most recent explorations turn towards issues of repatriation, ownership, and modes of cultural consumption that fundamentally implicate both institutions and their publics.

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