2022 Paris Photo–Aperture
PhotoBook Awards

Image: Mohamed Bourouissa, Périphérique, Loose Joints, Marseille, France.


Périphérique by Mohamed Bourouissa

PhotoBook of the Year

The winner for PhotoBook of the Year is Périphérique, by Mohamed Bourouissa. Périphérique presents the entirety of Mohamed Bourouissa’s long-term series of the same name, in which he staged photographs set in the Parisian suburbs that have increasingly become home to large immigrant communities. Juror Miwa Susuda notes the effective seriality that results from how the images have been arranged: "As a book, this work becomes one unified chapter—a coherent story from beginning to end. Bourouissa is a great storyteller, using staged photography to question the larger issues around the media representation of immigrants."

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2022 Soane Medal

Image: Peter Barber Architects, McGrath Road, Stratford, east London. Photo: Morley von Sternberg


Peter Barber

Soane Medal

British architect Peter Barber won the 2022 Soane Medal. As one of Britain’s most acclaimed architects and founder of Peter Barber Architects, Peter Barber’s practice focuses on social housing and urban planning. He has been widely celebrated for his inventive approach to design, delivering innovative housing which is both high-quality and affordable. Barber has also developed a number of speculative projects which respond to issues including the housing crisis and the revitalisation of de-industrialised areas.

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Prix Virginia 2022

Image: Laura El-Tantawy, I’ll Die For You


Laura El-Tantawy

Prix Virginia

Laura El-Tantawy is the winner of the Prix Virginia 2022, awarded to professional women photographers, for her series I’ll Die For You, dedicated to the life of Indian farmers. Over the past 20 years, nearly 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in India, unable to repay their debts following poor harvests. Because of India's rapid transition from a rural society to an urban and industrial economy with an open market, farmers faced immense economic and social problems, forced to borrow in order to switch to higher-yielding crops. In her series Laura El-Tantawy questions this life where the destiny of man and his land intertwine to become one.

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Tosetti Value Award for photography

Image: Oroma Elewa, Tom Relax, 2021. Area Babes and Ashawo Superstars.
© Oroma Elewa. Photographie: Aurélien Mole


Oroma Elewa

Tosetti Value Award for photography

Oroma Elewa is the winner of the third edition of the Tosetti Value Award for photography supported by Tosetti Value – The Family office as part of the contemporary art fair Artissima. Presented by In situ – Fabienne Leclerc gallery, Paris, Oroma Elewa is inspired by her daily experiences. Her work combines text, photography, various digital media and video. Her last project unfolds as a satire that follows the lives and experiences of African female characters who are all versions of herself. Oroma Elewa wishes to depict thoughts or actions that are often considered taboo or intimate and show how women negotiate or navigate through gender, social class or power in contemporary times.

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2022 CFDA Fashion Awards

Image: KHAITE, Resort, 2023.


Catherine Holstein

American Womenswear Designer of the Year Award

Catherine Holstein is the founder and Creative Director of KHAITE, a collection of womenswear and accessories. Renowned for her ability to create pieces that are at once refined and relatable, Holstein has been lauded by Vogue as "a resource for the clothes women truly want to wear." Since launching in 2016, KHAITE has grown rapidly from its origins in reimagined American sportswear. "Jeans that won’t go out of style" (Wall Street Journal) and "deceptively simple" knitwear (The New York Times) have since been joined by strong tailoring, enchanting flou, and covetable outerwear. In February 2019 Holstein expanded the line to include handbags, footwear, and accessories.

Image: Bode, Fall-Winter, 2022.


Emily Bode Aujla

American Menswear Designer of the Year Award

Emily Bode Aujla of Bode won American Menswear Designer of the Year for the second year in a row. She was the first female designer to show at NYFW: Men’s, paving the way for women entrepreneurs in the menswear industry. In 2016, the brand began with a collection of one-of-a-kind garments composed entirely of antique textiles. Emily Bode Aujla continues to reinvigorate American menswear through the art of storytelling and preservation with these foundational one-of-a-kind pieces alongside collections of historical reproductions.

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Planches Contact 2022

Image: Dana Cojbu, Ouvrir le rivage. © Dana Cojbu


Dana Cojbu

Prix du jury Tremplin Jeunes Talents

As part of the Planches Contact festival, a photography festival in Deauville, France, the Prix du jury Tremplin Jeunes Talents was awarded to Dana Cojbu. Born in 1979 in Romania, she lives and works in Paris. Her photographic work mixes different techniques, sculpture, drawing, video to operate a shift from reality to invented worlds. During the residency Tremplin Jeunes Talents, Dana Cojbuc took Deauville as an unknown territory to explore. Through her stagings on the beach, plants, human and animal silhouettes mingle with the elements. By extending her photography with drawing, the artist disturbs our perceptions by summoning her inner world and her native village in Romania.

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Les Nuits Photo 2022

Image: Tao Douay, Chaos. © Tao Douay


Tao Douay

Grand Prix LNP

As part of the photographic film festival Les Nuits Photo in Paris, Tao Douay was awarded the Grand Prix LNP for his film Chaos. "We come into the world on borrowed time, but death is so terrifying that we pretend to ignore it. However, when a loved one leaves, the gravity of our condition catches up with us. In the 15th century in Europe, wars, famines and epidemics engendered the dances of death. Sinister artistic representations, not to forget that life and death are one. But it is in the present that this video is inscribed, a present plunged into chaos with an uncertain end" says Tao Douay.

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