Based in
paris, France
5 - 10 years experience

fashion designer / fashion thinker /concept teller/ identity teller/ social searcher/dreamer/experimenter / multi disciplinary...

My conception of the fashion’s role has an impact on my way to
deal with the elaboration of the creation. It incites me to rethink many
layers and under-layers of t


he system, from the procedure to the
terminology used in fashion. Erasing some references of the system
can be controversial, but to me, it’s almost necessary in order to
move forward.I tell small and subtle stories out of real life. I create awareness to society and I develop new visions for the fashion of future. My interest in and my ability to combine pluri-tools for a fashion project is an asset to work in the fashion professional field

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selected for the exhibition SEDUCTIVE PRECURSORS, MODEBELOFT 2014,
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, The Netherlands Oct. 1, 2014 - Present

My graduation work had selected for the exhibition SEDUCTIVE PRECURSORS, MODEBELOFT 2014,

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FASHIONCLASH Jun. 1, 2014 - Present

exhibition off calender, Maastricht , off calendar, Maastrich The Netherlands

Master degree
ArtEZ Sep. 1, 2012 - Sep. 1, 2014
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HEAD - University of Arts & Design (Geneva) Sep. 1, 2007 - Jun. 1, 2011
studio assistant
Felipe Oliveira Baptista May. 1, 2010 - Sep. 1, 2010

internship assistant for the studio - daily missions
worked on the archives
and in connection with the shoes factory in Portugal
Trip to Porto to discuss the "making process " of the shoes with the factory.

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studio assistant
PEACHOO+KREJBERG Feb. 1, 2010 - Mar. 1, 2010

Internship before the fashion show:
to make the jewelry
attend the fitting
prepare and take care of the showroom , dressing the models and prepare the outfits for the clients.

BA 2nd y education
Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam Feb. 1, 2009 - Jul. 1, 2009

6 months exchange study during my 2nd year Bachelor.


concept collection

Software skills








Basic knowledge