Reflect on anthropocentrism, the concept of my graduation project is about the process how animals taking over living space of human beings. Inspired by the documentary “Life After People”, in which demonstrate an imagined earth with an extinct of human being, I build up a fantasy world of which is o


ne of a kind. Here mankind utopia gradually collapsed, and animals occupy abandoned space.

In this world everything artificial begins to decay, and an eccentric and wild power starts to grow. I see horse in my collection as a metaphor for a strong elegant creature, which has both fluidity and robustness in physical appearance. A black horse with its muscle and majestic bone-structure, stand out from the scene of doomsday, has become the eternal moment of my rhapsody.

For elaborate the fluctuation of dominance, I simulate the process of transformation in various ways: the sculptural silhouette, fur-like retouches of fabric, skeleton-like embroidery on fur, and surface merge fabric, embroidery and knit.

Photo by Armanda Branco, Etienne Tordoir from CATWALK PICTURES

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