All this and yellow pollen too

2nd-Term collection (2013)
ArtEZ Fashion Masters Arnhem, the Netherlands

The collection is inspired by the work of Wolfgang Laib. While I was in New York in February 2013 I was visiting the Museum of Modern Art. There I saw his ‘Pollen from Hazelnut’ installation.
It was infusing the space with


a yellow luminosity. His installations are marked by a serene presence and a reductive beauty. The intensity of the yellow color was fascinating. Also the contrast which was made by having the natural soft dusty pollen in the hard clean architecture around it. The purity and complexity of the whole setting was very inspiring to me.
Both, the color but also the forms and material of the installation became an influence for the design of my collection. It’s anchored in the knitwear, textile designs and material choice.

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