Autumn/Winter 2015

The menswear collection, titled ‘All this in its place for now’, is built by following the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese world view, according to which everything shows just a stage of a process and that there should be an acceptance of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.



tial inspiration for all designs were clothes out of my own wardrobe I put on a men’s body. Documenting the work process while working on the individual pieces, I decided afterwards for the stages I wanted to show in the collection. An A­line silhouette is a key element, as the collection is inspired by a female wardrobe and as it is normally a silhouette which is strongly classified into western womenswear.

The collection pieces, the knitwear, prints and the embroideries show the different stages of my own process of working on the collection. The collection is not meant to be finished at one point. It is a picture of a process, which will change in the future.

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