Autumn/Winter 2016

Every creative act starts with a memory. Autumn/WInter 2016 SMELLED NO SALT, TOUCHED NO SAND is inspired by Verena‘s family crest, which shows a fisherman on a boat. The different elements of the collection are created by looking at fisherman‘s clothing and subaqueous landscapes, assembled by using d


ifferent techniques such as embroidery, stitching, embellishments, prints and knitwear. The collection presents tones of blue, grey, green, white and black with materials ranging from heavy woolen and cotton textiles to soft Angora knitwear and haary warm fibres. A rough yet positive atmosphere is drawn by a combination of straight oversized silhouettes with intelligently created details. Key elements of the collection are asymmetrically constructed collar solutions, layered pockets as well as belt details, which are roughly attached to the garment but also integrated into the patterns.

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Prints, Menswear, Outerwear

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