Chinoiserie, chinese, exotic, western, traditional, contemporary, absurd, funny, strange, weird… Everything like flowers in the fog, what’s real? what is unreal?

"Flowers in the fog" embodies the ambiguity of reality and authenticity. Influenced by Homi Bhabha's "third space" theory and Ailing Zhang


's creative approach, my collection seeks to bridge Chinese and Western cultures. Zhang's portrayal of old Chinese objects in her novels, observing a feudal society from a modern perspective, inspires my design method. Following the footsteps of artists like Wang Jin, Do Ho Suh, and Tatiane Freitas, I explore materials and techniques from industrialized society to present traditional elements. My collection reflects the juxtaposition of old and modern China during the early 20th century, where absurdity and mixing prevailed. I capture the fractured beauty shaped by distorted Western culture in Hong Kong, intertwining with enduring Chinese traditions. By challenging notions of authenticity, my collection, titled "Flowers in the Fog," repurposes Western garments into traditional Chinese attire. Sustainability drives my approach as I repurpose second-hand clothing, contributing to the dialogue of cultural perspectives and environmental consciousness.

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3D Print, Upcycling, laser