Gene Chen
Art Director/Graphic Designer/Digital Creative
Gene Chen
Art Director/Graphic Designer/Digital Creative
Based in
London, United Kingdom
More than 10 years experience
Art Director
Sara Chyan Jewellery 2022 - Present
London, United Kingdom

1. Direct and manage all assets, including product shoots, campaigns, show teasers and assets, and other marketing materials.
2. Collaborate with Creative Directors, Designers, Photographers, and Production Agencies to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns across all social media platfor


ms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Red.
3. Mentor and guide interns and junior designers.
4. Successfully present ideas and campaigns to investors.

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Freelance Art Director
Blackdot Concept Store 2020 - Present
London, United Kingdom

1. Creating all branding assets, including logos, packaging, cards, product shoots, and teasers.
2. Liaise with the collaboration designers and talents to ensure the brand aesthetic was consistent across all touchpoints.
3. Art Directing the social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Red.
4. D


esigning events and pop-up assets.
5. Mentored and trained interns and junior designers to improve their skills.

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V&A Friday Late
Victoria and Albert Museum 2023 - 2023
London, United Kingdom

'You Must Everywhere Wander' was screened in the V&A Museum.

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Senior Digital Creative
Zegna 2021 - 2022
London, United Kingdom

1. Spearheaded all digital asset creation. Including collaborating with in-house teams and external agencies.
2. Worked closely with Design, Marketing, and PR teams to ensure branding assets consistency across channels.
3. Supported the Creative Lead and Senior Art Director with art direction for cam


paigns, capsules, and events.
4. Delivered presentations to stakeholders to communicate project progress and strategy.
5. Demonstrated expertise in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Digital Art (3D, AR), and Art Direction.

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The 5th International Exhibition on New Media Art
CICA Museum 2020 - 2021
Korea, Republic of

I have been selected as one of the digital artists to be published and exhibited.

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Graphic Designer/Art Director
Freelance 2013 - 2021

1. Produced high-quality graphic design works for various clients.
2. Fashion photography for independent fashion brands.
3. Art Direction for independent fashion brands.
4. Created 3D-CGI assets for independent fashion brands to enhance their brand image.

Liminal Pavilion-Bangkok Biennial 2020
Litote 2020 - 2020
Bangkok, Thailand

'Aly 9, Ln 82, Sec 1, Bade Rd' was exhibited in Bangkok Biennial 2020.

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Graphic Designer
Dunhill 2019 - 2020
London, United Kingdom

1. Produced graphic design assets for print and digital advertising and marketing communications.
2. Developed creative ideas and concepts for marketing briefs.
Conducted image, project, and competition research to inform
design decisions.
3. Contributed to branding and merchandising projects.
4. As


sisted with in-house photo studio setups.
5. Led the creative direction and production of the Kenta Cobayashi collection assets.

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New Horizons Young Talents Exhibition

Excellent Prize

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Freelance Graphic Designer
Burberry 2019 - 2019
London, United Kingdom

1. Conducted design research to inform and improve email designs.
2. Collaborated closely with the design team to provide improvement suggestions on email designs

Indigo Design Awards 2018

Digital Design: Gold Prize

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Indigo Design Awards

Branding Identity: Honorable Mention

Visual Designer
Morror Agent 2017 - 2018
Shanghai, China

1. Created graphic design works for clients.
2. Visual Communication.
3. Assisted with the set up of exhibitions and events.

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Royal College of Art (London) 2015 - 2017
London, United Kingdom

MA Visual Communication

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Art direction

Apparel Graphic Design

Digital Creative

Social Media


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spark ar





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Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine Issue #2

Al-Tiba9 Magazine Issue02 covers 18 artists with a primary focus on contemporary visual art reflecting modern society and its environment, in the field of photography, paintings, visual art, music, film, and performance.

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Posthuman: New Media Art 2020

CICA Press, an online and print media issued by CICA Museum, is media for art and culture from the perspective of young culture makers in spirit. CICA Press supports “young” culture makers, who have passion, critical thought, and desire for creative and experimental expression, regardless of their ag


e and background. We have believed that our inexhaustible passion for art and expression and a reckless rebelliousness can change the world.

CICA Press deals with visual art and culture from perspectives of local artists. To overcome uniform dissemination of contemporary art from the “center of Art,” we aim to introduce local artists and cultures from different regions to global audiences and connect them with each other. CICA Press provides online and offline spaces to create a global network among local artists, designers, audiences, and communities so they can make, appreciate, and live in art in their regions and cultures.

“Posthuman: New Media Art 2020” features 56 new media artists worldwide who participated in the CICA New Media Art Conference 2019, Art Teleported Brooklyn NY 2019, and Post-Human: The 5th International Exhibition on New Media Art.

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