This collection is inspired from the feeling of being at the foot of the wave. This is an emotion I often feel, regarding the rhythm of modern life, the inescapable catastrophes to come, the general anxiety ( whatever it is, financial, emotional, ecological ). At the foot of this immense wave, humans


, submerged by dreams, fears, emotions. I wanted to propose a manifesto of survival in the modern world by focusing on physical and emotional protection. Considering human felling at the center of the process.

Each silhouette is thought of as an emotion, possibly felt in this temporal space of tension between two states, when everything hangs by a thread and can topple at any moment into darkness or light. Carriers of this duality, the volumes are echoes of this imbalance, and clothes act as armours, technically thought to throw oneself into these whirlpools of foam but also as clouds and bubbles of sof- tness and fragility in which the protection is enveloping, merging into softness, and where the bodies float and let themselves be carried on the surface.

Particular attention has been given to the eco-responsible nature of the project, for all stages of creation and final realisation. 90% of the fabrics in the collection are from deadstocks which I have chosen to hand dye and texture with solvent free varnishes to achieve the ideal colour harmony. All components and supplies are traceable and come from Europe and many are already recycled.

Photography : @noemielact

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Knitwear, Womenswear, Menswear, Outerwear


Knitting, Hand dyeing, upcylcing


Silk, Paper, Nylon, Mohair, Deadstocks, Econyl