The Major Project/Dissertation research into social media’s affects on women suffering Domestic Violence in Kuwait lead to the Protect ME (Middle East) Platform. (Hypothetical idea for University Purposes).

The Independent Final Project explored the issue of domestic violence and harassment in my h


ome country, Kuwait, and the solution was personally motivated to offer easily accessible resources to women in need of urgent relief or rescue. The Protect ME Platform is a reaction to the numerous harrowing and devastating stories of Gender-Based Violence in Kuwait, shared through @ascia @abolish153 @lan.asket

Protect ME is a Civil Society Organisation providing a platform of crucial resources to women experiencing domestic violence and harassment in Kuwait. It serves as a library of life-saving information and resources such as contacts of related organisations, emergency services and medical services. It offers a user-friendly, easily accessible way of contacting organisations receiving protection and refuge from an uncomfortable, unwanted or abusive situation.

These resources would include the contacts of NGOs at the forefront of tackling these issues, vital information educating women about their civil rights, access to lawyers in case of legal difficulties impeding on their safety as well as tutorials on how to utilise social media and technology to their aid.

Protect ME would be based on Instagram (@/, educational account (@/catcallsofkuwait), and have its own dedicated website (

Researched extensively into “Consumers” or Survivors who have suffered or experienced any form of harassment or domestic violence in Kuwait.


As a part of the module, I had to collaborate with a few creatives to bring my ideas to life.

The first collaborator was @futouhthegraphicdesigner who brought all the branding elements together so perfectly.

We had a few design meetings and discussions as how the Protect ME platform logo & branding should look.

The colour Orange is featured throughout as it’s the colour used to symbolise UN’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign titled “Orange The World”.

The Logo is the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, which is a symbol of protectiveness and resonates throughout Islam and in the Kuwaiti Society.

The second collaborator was who created the stunning illustrations which we worked on together to add a lighthearted and abstract element to such a pressing issue. We also collaborated to create a mock-up of how the Website would function for women in need of immediate relief from their abusive or life-threatening situation.

We had a few design meetings and discussions as to how the illustrations should look according to a brief & how the website should function in the mock-up.

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