In collaboration with Selfridge's, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Also known as VM, was to create a Visual concept for Selfridge’s for 2020 and this was a group project.

This module was the hardest, not because it was a group project but mainly cause we needed to come up with an innovative concept for


a department store that seemed to have previously executed all of our ideas.

Being the last module, we really struggled to think of out of the box ideas but we managed to finalise our concept naming it Project Life with the key drivers being Community, Representation, Sexuality and Technology.

The main elements of the brief was to produce a creative report outlining our research and concept as well as a montage film for our concept and presenting it to the lecturers as a group.

I had to also create an Individual appraisal document to show my contributions and efforts to the group and the concept.

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Set & Window Design


Advertising, Digital, Education, Fashion, Culture


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign