This is a chair that merges a perfectly artistic mindset with functionality. For me, the highest goal in design is to combine two sides of a spectrum and start a dialogue between the use and arts.

It started all out as a scribbled idea in 2013, way before the making of 2015. As seen on the initial


drawing, it is quite challenging to imagine to realize such a design language. When I made the furniture, I was working for Atelier van Lieshout, and with this personal fun project, I wanted to prove the easiness of making it. The whole process didn’t take me long with the right workshop at hand.

The chair, made from fiberglass and tainted polyester resin, is designated to be a dressing chair. The purpose is to make the user feel elevated on this throne-like chair while putting make-up on or changing. The logic of the shape was inspired by coral-like structures, which help to hang clothes such as corals naturally filter nutrients from the water. The weight can not overload the furniture. One strength of it is the strong material composition of metal and fiberglass. The other part that reinforces the stand is the two bent back feet to prevent the piece from falling over.
The color and bend shape embraces the person seated inside like a caring hand. That warm gesture continues in the red, which is distinct for supercars, for example, dedicated to a special experience. In total, the color and formal expression of the piece are very organic, as the process was.
Its making and simultaneous designing were working with the material properties, such as gravity for the fibers/resin and tension in the steel. While making the furniture, I found methods based on my previous experiences on how a production can be scaled up on this piece. Unfortunately, the templates were lost between shipments.

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