Narges Tafi
Fashion Designer and Creative Director
Narges Tafi
Fashion Designer and Creative Director
Based in
Anaheim, United States
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Narges Tafi, a computer engineering graduate from Iran, followed her passion for fashion design, embarking on a journey to Spain. Pursuing a Master's degree in Fashion Design and Branding at Elisava School (UPF University of Barcelona), she sought to blend her inspiration from Iranian culture, archit


ecture, and hand craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. After completing her studies, she continued her academic pursuits in the USA, delving into Fashion MBA courses.

In 2015, Narges returned to Iran with a vision to bridge her traditional roots with contemporary women's ready-to-wear. Thus, she founded her eponymous label, NargesTafi. The brand explores new avenues in clothing presentation by combining Iranian culture and handicrafts with influences from various nationalities. Its forward-looking designs feature rich fabrics, distinctive structures, and asymmetrical forms. Reviving Iranian original crafts and textiles is a core focus, providing greater opportunities for traditional textile weaving workshops and artisans. The aim is to honor the artistry of our ancestors and inspire future generations. By observing society and culture, the brand showcases contradictions and finds beauty in the unconventional.

Sustainability is a paramount consideration for NargesTafi. The brand achieves this by producing seasonless, genderless collections with fewer products, allowing for more creativity and high-quality garments while minimizing waste. Imported fabrics are avoided in favor of supporting small local manufacturers in Iran. Traditional techniques are revived, and native, handmade textiles are utilized, reducing the negative environmental impact. Moreover, the brand offers jobless housewives skilled in handicrafts an opportunity to upcycle leftover materials from their collections, creating unique clothes and accessories.

NargesTafi invites the real world to embrace peace and happiness through vibrant, colorful garments that evoke a range of emotions. Simultaneously, it welcomes people into the virtual world by exploring futuristic ideas and researching the possibilities it holds.

When heritage with the spirit of the contemporary, NargesTafi thrives, forging a path that celebrates cultural richness, sustainability, and creativity.

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Ph.D. candidate in Fashion and textile merchandizing
UGA 2023 - Present
Athenes, United States
Fashion Designer and Creative Director
Narges Tafi 2015 - Present
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
Master in Business Administration
Kingston University 2022 - 2023
PASADENA, United States
Tranoi Trade Show
Tranoi Mar. 4, 2022 - Mar. 7, 2022
Paris, France
Fadj Festival
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
Master in fashion design
Elisava 2013 - 2014
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the role of environmentally friendly textiles in the field of fashion and clothing design

the role of environmentally friendly textiles in the field of fashion and clothing design

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