#DesignParade Hyères / Vire-Volt

Since the appearance of the neon tube, the world of illuminated signs has rushed towards all-electric solutions, symbols of modernity. In this luminous hubbub, the floor seems to be given to those who light up the brightest.

Yet the energy consumption generated by this escalation,
and the endangerm


ent of biodiversity in cities have alerted scientists that it is time to turn off the lights. Some bills have tried to impose restrictions. However, without attractive alternatives, shopkeepers are reluctant to disappear into the night.
This observation brings us to the issues
that animate our work:

How can design accompany and encourage legislation favouring the ecological transition?

How can it support societal and citizen issues?

How can we make a different sign, with humour and astuteness, in the luminous jungle that solicits our attention day and night?

Vire-volt is a series of self-sufficient signs that work thanks to the discrete energy sources that already surround us, and that have always been there: natural light, wind, the mechanical movements of everyday life and the electricity that the city already mobilises, and whose use can be optimised.

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