A brand new series designed for the French Cliché label imagined by Emily Marant and Hugo Matha.

For French Cliché Violette Stehli has imagined a limited edition of gold vermeil medallions, inspired by the French language's myriad of idiosyncratic expressions.
After growing up in California and spe


nding her teenage years in France, Violette Stehli picked up the habit of translating her favorite expressions from one language to the other. It is this personal ritual that led to the creation of the Pardon My French series.
The pendants are engraved with a tongue in cheek expression and are accompanied by a handy definition card, to encourage the wearer to slip the expressions into their day to day conversations.

Each pendant is handmade in Violette Stehli’s Parisian studio using precious materials that are ethically sourced and carefully crafted to last a lifetime.

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Lost wax casting


gold vermeil

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