Congress of spoons explores the narrative power of set design in exhibition, using always the same pretext to investigates the obsessive, uncomfortable and shifting role of objects and our relationships with them. Objects. We love them. We hate them. We are fascinated by them. We make them. We contro


l them. Or is it possible that we should reconsider, and that objects have power over us? This installation shows the way in which practices of exhibition and storage reveal our agency in our relationships with objects. Five devices represent different themes, and consequently took a specific outcome of shape and gestures. Space itself invents and determines the performance of objects and our relationship with them. The main character of this story is one of the rare, if not the only tool, that has crossed the whole history of humanity: the spoon. As a hero in a story, it can take a different role and be reshaped by our imagination.

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Installation and Scenography, Set Design, Copywriter