Personal Forecast

‘Every day we wake up and we play,’ she explains. ‘Different games; with different rules. Normally we have boundaries for our actions built by the social aspects of everyday life. That demonstrates a different level of openness. Through these three objects I show how I see and feel these processes.’


Personal Forecasts series.

Work of three objects.

Showing. Hiding. Opening.

Showing: Process of denudation. Weakness and strength at the same time. Self realisation with a feeling of safety.

Hiding: Process of keeping senses inside. Pretending.

Opening: Process of balancing. Most difficult. Unstoppable comprehension of borders.

Showing piece
‘I’ve seen it in a dream,’ says Evgeniia. ‘I woke up at 5a.m. to draw the first sketch.’

During the design process she always provides for the uncontrolled deep actions of the material. So with the cube, she didn’t produce extra plans to show the story of the material. After the second firing, the stick-plant holder formed an arc shape and she decided just to live with that story. Her fingerprints and the movement of the material produce vibrations, making the object tactile and filled with the warmth of meaning.

Showing object is made with plants in it. It consists of three pieces: cube-base, simple cup for water and a stick-plant holder.

Hiding piece.
An idea for designing such objects came to Evgeniia when she found natural clay in the forest. She started the creating cycle by forming the natural ground shape. Then she moved on to wheel-thrown and hand-built objects.

The object has two parts. She refers to it as ‘dome construction’. One part is a cup with a simple form: for water. It is hidden in the Dome part which is the main feature of the object where the plant/flower is placed. On the top of the Dome is stylized ground texture.

Opening piece.
This object is part of the research process for restyling classical forms of ceramic vessels.

Cut into two parts and divided with free form elements.

Bowl or vase. Always ready for plants to be put inside.

It fell three times during the design process which has led to its imperfect beauty. Such is life.

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