This project was a proposal for the Hyère Design Parade contest in collaboration with Claire Brelivet.
South of France is a soft place for dreams, where time is slowing down. The warm atmosphere invite for an outdoor life surrounded by a scenic and vibrant nature. The south is for us a land of memor


ies about family and childhood.
The sun skimming the skin provide a soft feeling and the mind slide toward welcomed wandering. Treasures and seashells gathered on the beaches bring inside a bit of the outdoor.
The space we design for this mediterranean room is think as a garden, dedicated to contemplation, dreams and memories. Its an inside landscape of tiles sheltering luxurious vegetation. Keepsakes and small mementos brought back form walks are exhibit all around the room, drawing an intimate horizon.
A ray on sunshine bring waving light in the room the the greenery inviting to lay on the daybed and enjoy a moment out of time.

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Architecture, Interior Design & Decoration, Temporary & Micro Architecture


collage, sketch, group work


photoshop, AutoCad, Rhinocéros3D