Personal Branding

The need of marketing ourself.
Recently, I found the first public portrait that the school photographer had taken of me. It was in 1996. I had just began adolescence and like everyone else, it was difficult to deal with my face, hair and body. I hated this photo for many reasons, but what made me ver


y upset was that it will be released publicly in the school, because at that time, we didn’t have much pictures of us.
Personal branding is a series of fully staged students portraits for my dream yearbook, a fiction of the ones I wanted to look like and to hang out with. A unique portraiture for each character, inspired by my juveniles ideas of stylistic perfection, subjected to my western pop culture from the 90’s.
In 2019, Snapchat records 10 millions active users every day in France, many of them are kids sharing pictures of their face. Selfie photography is an indisputable tool of communication and social recognition. An average american child gets his first smartphone with camera at 10 years old. The dozens of posts on social networks made by a teenager can really have implications on his career and be considered as a social strategy for his future.
The series is a fantasized social image made out of high controlled selfies, harmonious duck faces and the models would use these pictures for their personal branding on social networks.

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