Winner of the Annecy Paysages 2020 festival. Commissioned by the city of Annecy, and will be installed on June 25th in the Charles Bosson Park.

« Plante un banc » (“Benche to plant”) is an outdoor installation consisting of seating and umbrellas. The ensemble invites - for the time of a picnic, a re


ading or a meditation - to a decelerated time on the shores of Lake Annecy.

Since its creation, the Annecy Paysages festival has been an event that celebrates the place of nature and art in urban development. Inspired by nature, at the intersection of street furniture and living space, the installation evokes giant young shoots just out of the ground.

The visitor seated, protected from the zenithal rays and rain, is invited to contemplate the ancient landscape, to observe the passing of time and to... dream. Like the sun, the whole is painted in yellow, the brightest colour of the spectrum that attracts attention, inspires and revitalizes.

A moment of pause, to better enjoy what surrounds us.

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July 4, 2020


Architecture, Interior Design & Decoration, Urban planning & Infrastructure, Landscape & Garden, Hospitality, Temporary & Micro Architecture


Lasercutting, milling machine, wooden planer, concrete base


Metal, wood, Pine, Douglas


Illustrator, Keyshot, rhino3D, Slic3r