Romain Roucoule’s installation plunges us into the “Flood” theme. Today, exhibitions indirectly generate a large number of “collateral” images that are propagated on social media both by visitors to the exhibition and by others both near and far. These immaterial images end up as part of an ongoing f


low, and have no existence outside of the conditions imposed by the social network on which they’re posted.

By using a printing system adapted to the unstable nature of these images, Romain Roucoules attempts to translate this immaterial flow into a tangible physical one. Over time, the mass of persistent matter grows and becomes an evolving sculpture that becomes a record of the practices of social media.

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Abstract & Fine Art, Experimental, Photography


Mixed media, Code


Steel, Paper, Thermic printers, Raspberry Pi


Photography, Media, Technology, Social Medias, Instagram