FIELD comes from a study about semi-finished products of the aluminum industry (extrusion, pressing, rolling, forming, bump relief) assembled to create a lamp combining LED illuminating technology and a reflective corrugated anodized field. The high fidelity and longevity of LEDs allowed to draw lamp


s that extract themselves from maintain constraint, as change of light sources. As uninhibited its archetype, the bright object could offer beyond its lighting function, a more dreamlike use, contemplative as a "light matter", a reflecting wall that is part of a distribution of a soft and indirect light source, and less aggressive. The graphical nature, prompts you to compose patchworks of light in the habitat.
Field is to be considered as an area of light, an illuminated zone unbridled of any link to the lamp archetype, first because of its delicacy, then its anodized panel ​​brings the technical and innovation codes in the habitat but also by its presence and its abstraction in the room.

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