Redivivo: agg. [dal lat. redivivus «restaurato, rinnovato» – Ritornato in vita.
Redivivo: Revenant in English agg. [from lat. redivivus «restored, renewed» - Come back to life.

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Giada Di Ciommo - Fabio Lonardi - Dario Venuti

BORO, is a Japanese word that means more precis


ely “rags, shreds”.
A Japanese expression that stands for “worn out”, where the leaders are defined by the absence of what they are not, in which they inhabit the ghosts of previous structures and in which they perceive the changes that will come. Form and shapeless is not only a matter of surface, of deformed or stretched volumes, but of depth of thought that is to possess the philosophical awareness in relation to the essential truth, in which to find a dimension of form in which autonomy creates to all a problem of organic complexity and independence. Hence the development of a project whose aim is to find the essential balance of things through a deconstruction of ideas and knowledge of others.

Team credits.
Andrea Cenetiempo - ig: @andreacenetiempo
Fashion Designer
Dario Venuti - ig: @dariovenuti
Fabio Lonardi - ig: @lonardifabio @fabiolonardistudio
Giada DiCiommo - ig: @giadadiciommo
Flavia Çela - ig: @flaviacela.mua
GYUNG SUB SUB - ig: @gyeongseop_
Special Management - ig: @specialmanagementmen @special_management
OLIVIA LEE - ig: @olivia_haejin
NoLogo MGMT - ig:@nologowomen

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