A light project for the the Maison du bâtiment, head office of the Fédération Française du Bâtiment du Gard, part of the call for project proposals EFFINERGIE launched by the ADEME and the Languedoc -Roussillon region, for a building of low-energy consumption, designed by CLN architecture.
Design and


realization of an autonomous photovoltaic suspension light, named Lulu 01, a cylindrical shape made up of an assembly of 204 separate lighting systems, with each photovoltaic plate connected to 3 LEDs.
Lulu 01 absorbs solar power and releases it at night, its lighting depending on daylight intensity and the seasons
Used as easily as Meccano, Lulu01 can be expanded, lightened, extended, put away, dismantled or relocated.

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Lighting, artwork, photovoltaic


LED, photovoltaïc

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