As part of our collaboration with the Japanese company Isehan Honten, the brief was to rethink the traditional Japanese lipstick once used by geishas to appeal to an international clientele. Its particularity is that it is made from "benibana" flowers which create a thin green surface. When a brush i


s moistened with water, the green surface turns red and changes colour according to the lips of each user.

The lifespan of the product was only three months, although it is a very luxurious product. In order to extend the life of the product and create a product that can last over time, we imagined a refill to be inserted inside the object.

The brush and the water container, necessary to use the product, were independent elements. To facilitate the use of the lipstick outside the home and to make it more contemporary, we designed a compact, sliding wooden box that combines all the functions.

The object is inspired by Japanese culture and Zen gardens to tell the story of the product.

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