Landscape Computer redefines the archetype of the computer as a collective workspace. This research provides a vision of the future of work, whether in an office, a manufacturing workshop, a library or a co-working space. An aluminum rail with variable dimensions, integrating a processor, communicate


s and interacts with different types of devices : tablet, e-reader, photo frame, camera, directional speaker, video projector and tactile surface. The desktop is reinvested by a touch sensitive surface thanks to a video-projector. This new configuration of the computer invites the user to make wider gestures and places the user in an active and collaborative posture. This new kind of computer format seeks to reintroduce a form of social interaction between people and rethinks the ergonomics of digital tools through gesture.

This collection of twenty interactive objects
opens up scenarios of prospective uses between software and the hand. Stamp to copy and paste, roll to navigate, press a ball to scroll, throw a top to generate random ... These gestures will re- enchant certain everyday actions, sometimes off- putting, to meet specific needs depending on the users' professions. The user benefit is a playful experience, while having access to very specific tools that can save time or help in daily tasks. Some of these use cases are particularly effective in simplifying the transition between tangible and digital resources: going from a book to the internet, from a piece of wood to 3D modeling software, or from a plan and its execution.

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Product Interaction & Technical Innovations, Industrial design