Founded in 2018, ENKAOUA is an no gender jewelry design label with a raw, strong, geometric massive and luminous aesthetic. Everything is designed in France and manufactured in Portugal.
Each collection will be inspired by different social phenomena.

This kind of inspiration is a marker of the creat


ive commitment of label, in phase with today’s society and brings a new value to the jewel, becoming a mean of communication.

The label has 2 collections at the moment, VICE//VERSA; inspired by assumptions and perception and ANTHEM; inspired by the rise of the techno movement in Europe.

All pieces are a personal interpretations of the societal phenomenon it's inspired from:

For VICE//VERSA the pieces are designed around the idea that depending where you stand you don't have the same point of view as someone else, so the jewels have different view points that you could explore, depending of where you stand, you won't see the same designs, or the same jewelry.

For ANTHEM, the pieces are a mix of different designs to emphasize the inclusivity aspect of this movement, different "type" of people all mixed together while dancing on techno. The pieces also show the parallelism between the night world and places of religious worship, with the presence of a black wedding ring, symbole of a pact between people, and here a pact between music and those who enjoy it.

ENKAOUA's aim is to be different from traditional jewelry, with its inspirations, its designs, its customers and the way we picture them.

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3D Print, Casting, lacquer


Metal, resin, lacquer, vermeil, 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated