Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole is a styling photoshoot project done at Institut Français de la Mode. The brief was to imagine an editorial (concept, content and process) and create a storytelling around a free theme according to a magazine (Please Magazine) (
fictive collaboration) and to be creative in the st


yling approach.
This project is a modern interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, taking inspirations from scenes of the 1951 Disney movie. Throughout this editorial, we face a girl having trouble with the idea of growing up. These disturbing images showcase the relationship we have with childhood and the freedom it brings.

For the styling I decided to work with small Parisian labels : as Flofabricfirst, Louise Poet, Wylde and Morgane Davies. All these designers have a similar approach to the design: atypical material and shape.
In order to apply my concept, I built a team, organized the photo shoot and managed the whole project to the end.

Supervised by Angelo Cirimele
Art direction, graphic design, stylist : Sophie Soulié
Photographer : Yohan Burel
Model : Marike Le Corre, Mademoiselle agency

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