Design : Martial Marquet, Vojtec Nemec, with the precious help of Shift Visuals
Team : Jemima Brakspear, Karolina Krzyżanowska, Hamid Shahi, Nikolaj Srdić Kranjc, Winson Yeung.
Structure consulting : Pierre Brégeon/Arborescence

Commanditaire/client : Hello Wood, HU
Lieu/place : Csoromfolde, Hungary


Dimensions : D.18m H 5m
Matériaux/material : épicéa & canisses / spruce wood & straw mats
Date de réalisation - Completion date : Juillet-July 2019
Photo credit : Tams Bujnovski, Balsz Globi, Zsuzsa_Darab, Abigail Hinchley
Video Editing : Hamid Shahi
Presse : ArchDaily

Deep in the rainforests of South America live the Yanomami, an isolated community of tribes native to the land who live in circular, communal structures. The centre of these buildings are used for rituals and events, and this project aims to replicate that. The difference, however, is that this set of eight triangular modules is devoted not to shamanism - as with the Yanomami - but a rather more modern religion: the cult of partying. By using these modules, a central space is enclosed as a gathering point for all fellow worshippers to party the night away. Each of the modules, which resemble an architect’s set square, are used for specific purposes, whether for the DJ, spaces to dance and shout, or others to chill and shelter from the sun. It is a modern temple, and one fit for party.

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Ephemeral architecture