Scarecrows is a project realized with Hugo Deniau, plastic artist, on the creation of scarecrows.
It has been produced in France in 2016.

I noticed some time ago that scarecrow no longer exist on fields and vegetable garden.
This by a terrible fact, pesticides and protection nets now unfortunat


ely replace them.
Being sensitive to environnement and ecology, and how not to behave today,
I conceived a project to rehabilitate these forgotten field sculptures.
My idea was to offer to the birds of our region the nicest and frightening meeting with our scarecrows again.
Scarecrows from the verb scare is supposed to inspire fear to animals who come closer to the fields and
eat the seeds before the plants have grown making the farmers very unhappy.
These are usually symbolized by a human presence.

From this eternal antagonism, we realized these creature, not always frightening but inspired by an idea of contemporary terror by using objects,
stuff and colors tied to pollution and attacks whose nature is too much victim.
Bring back together, men, nature and birds is a project as ambitious as vital.
Mine by these images who reintroduce our dearest scarecrows is a kind of soft act which claim to be humble but to which I am very involved.

After these first images will come others, my idea would be to travel through more fields landscape,
create enough new images to publish a book or have an exhibition on the subject.
Always with the idea of thinking differently in our world to save it.

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