Jessica Bizzoni
Jessica Bizzoni
5 - 10 years experience
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Spatial designer, Researcher and Photographer
exploring storytelling in site specific projects.
In connection with art and design as means of
expression and criticism, I investigate contemporary cultural issues.

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Freelance May. 1, 2014 - Present

- Creative Concepts and Research
- Identity
- Furniture/Interior Design
- Exhibition/Set Design
- Landscape/Urban Design
- Visual Storytelling
- Art direction, Photography
- Consulting
- Tutoring

Working for various European clients.

Still Young Portfolio Review at SI Fest 19

Honour issuer Alessandro Curti from Still Gallery Milano

honor description“Per avere presentato dei progetti capaci di indagare tematiche delicate e fortemente legate alla contemporaneità, proponendo uno sguardo profondo e autoriale. Le tre giovani fotografe sono state in grado di andare molto oltre


la superficie delle cose, ponendosi delle domande che danno spazio a una serie di risposte e riflessioni" Alessandro Curti, Still Gallery Milano.

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Hugo Roeland prize: Nominee
Antwerp, Belgium

Electric Sun has been Nominated from Hugo Roeland prize 2019. Members of the jury: Lydia Van Loock, partner of the decedent Hugo Roelandt, Marc Holthof, Samuel Saelemakers and Johan Pas.

Talents of the Year 2019 — The Independent Photographer

honor issuer The Independent Photographer

honor description“What I find interesting about this photo is that the photographer has managed to create a parallel world in which the choice of colors plays a vital part. With a surrealist touch, the artist succeeds in exploring the way we recognize our pl


anet, almost choosing the colors of the landscape themselves. To me, all the elements; light, color, composition and subject matter, all work really well to convey this message.” - Sanja Marusic

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From ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich

Nominee Unique YoungStar Outdoor Design
Art Treads and Spoga+Gafa
Cologne, Germany

Nominee for Rain Flower installation project.

Designer Lead
luxoom Jun. 1, 2017 - Sep. 1, 2017
berlin, Germany

Concept, Trend Forecast, Research, Spatial Design.

A/V live performance
Otolab Apr. 1, 2017 - May. 1, 2017

Live installations

Art Publications and curatorial studies
Node Center Berlin Jan. 1, 2017 - Feb. 1, 2017

Art Publications and curatorial studies
by John Holten, Berlin

Fine Art Photographer
Jessica Bizzoni Dec. 1, 2016 - Dec. 1, 2016

Exhibition of Video Projection, immersive Installation at F-Light Firenze 2016.
9th-14th December, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.

Fotografare la Luce
S. Marangoni
Firenze, Italy

Presentation of immersive installation at Palazzo Vecchio during F-Light Florence.

Bacheor of Art in Design
Design Academy Eindhoven Sep. 1, 2011 - Jan. 1, 2016
Certificate on Photo editorial and journalism
Internazionale Oct. 1, 2015 - Oct. 1, 2015

Certificate on Photo editorial and journalism
2015 October, three days
by Monica Allende at Internazionale Festival

Certificate Making Science and Engineering Pictures
Felice Franke MIT e-learning Jun. 1, 2015 - Aug. 1, 2015

Certificate Making Science and Engineering Pictures
2015 Summer
by Felice Franke
MITx e-learning.

Sound Artist, Spatial Designer
STRP Mar. 1, 2015 - Mar. 1, 2015

Exhibit Designer
2015 March
at STRP Biennale 2015 for Studio Zimoun, The Netherlands

Studio Zimoun Aug. 1, 2014 - Feb. 1, 2015

Design Intern in sound arts/ installation eld. Laboratory research. Prototyping. 2015 Jan -2014 Aug
at Studio Zimoun

Sound Artist, Spatial Designer
STRP Oct. 1, 2014 - Oct. 1, 2014

Assistant and Exhibit Designer
2014 October, five days
at STRP, Dutch Design Week 14 for Studio Zimoun
Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Sound Artist, Spatial Designer
Metropolitan Arts Centre Oct. 1, 2014 - Oct. 1, 2014

Art Director and Exhibit Designer 2014 Oct, three days
at Metropolitan Arts Centre for Studio Zimoun
Belfast, United Kingdom.

Art Director
Independent Fashion Label Jan. 1, 2014 - Apr. 1, 2014

Art Director and Photographer 2014 Jan- April
at Independent Fashion Label Italy.

RC Dentist May. 1, 2012 - Sep. 1, 2012

Scientific Photographer 2012
at RC Dentist

Retail Designer
Mirù, Goldsmiths Jun. 1, 2011 - Aug. 1, 2011

Mirù, Goldsmiths
Bellaria, Italy.

Lavinia Style 360° Apr. 1, 2010 - Jun. 1, 2011

Designer, Assistant Photographer 2010- 2011
at Lavinia Style 360°, luxury fashion retail and shooting. Rimini, Italy.

Intern Architect
Private Jan. 1, 2009 - Sep. 1, 2009

Intern Architect by restoration and conversion
2009 Summer
for Private
Rimini, Italy

Certificate on music, theory and composition
Italy Nov. 1, 2002 - Dec. 1, 2008

Certificate on music, theory and composition
at various Music School
Italy + month Exchange in Nancy, France

Interior Designer
Montemaggi Furniture Jun. 1, 2008 - Jul. 1, 2008

Intern Interior Designer at luxury interior architecture Studio.

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Art direction

Experiential Design

environment design

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