Alice Bottigliero
Forme Brute
Alice Bottigliero
Forme Brute
Based in
Bordeaux, France
3 - 5 years experience

EN : Forme Brute is a French Graphic Design and Art Direction Studio founded my Alice Bottigliero in 2016 and based in France. (Paris —Bordeaux). We create bold and colorful identity for fields such as Culture, Gastronomy, Wine and spirits, tourism or sustainability.




FR: Forme Brute est un studi de Design Graphique et Direction Artistique initié par Alice Bottigliero en 2016 et basé en France (Paris — Bordeaux). Nous créons des identités audacieuses et colorées pour divers acteurs comme, le secteur culturel, gastronomique, des vins et spiritueux, touristique ou encore du développement durable.

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Étapes Magazine Diplome
PARIS, France

Etapes Magazine (Famous French Graphic Design Magazine). Special Number with a selection of 50 students and their project/Diploma.

Publication d'une double page au sein du magazine français Etapes Magazine spécialisé en Design Graphique sur le numéro spécial jeunes diplomés. 50 Selectionnés dans le



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Espace Marengo
Tada Family Jun. 27, 2018 - Jun. 27, 2018
Bordeaux, France

Graphic Design Exhibition / Exposition de Design Graphique

Puces Typo
Campus de la Fonderie de l'Image May. 26, 2018 - May. 26, 2018
PARIS, France

Typography Art Show

Papier Cadeau
Bastille Le Tank Dec. 6, 2017 - Dec. 7, 2017
PARIS, France

Illustration Art Show

Designer Graphique/ Graphic Designer
Forme Brute May. 1, 2016 - Dec. 1, 2017

Graphic Design Studio Lauch

ENSAAMA - École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art (Paris) Sep. 1, 2015 - Jun. 15, 2017
Paris, France

After two years studying Graphic Design and obtaining a graphic design (BTS : technical superior certificate), I decided to spend two more years to learn more about this field and I have been graduated with a DSAA (Superior Applied Art Diploma) with represent 5 years of studies.

Selection Graphic Design Festival
D'DAYS Jan. 26, 2017 - Jan. 26, 2017
Paris, France

I have been selected by a jury (D’Days, Eyes On Talents, D&AD, Etapes, and Alliance française des designers) so that Brand can see my work. I had then the chance to meet Hermes, Moet Henessy, Heineken, Les Gaulois. Hermes called me after that to meet them again at their office

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Puces de L'illustration
Campus de la Fonderie de l'Image Dec. 10, 2016 - Dec. 11, 2016
PARIS, France

Illustration and micro Publishing Art Show

BTS Design Graphique
ENSAAMA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art) Sep. 1, 2013 - Jun. 1, 2015

After High School, Iwas selected to integrate E.N.S.A.A.M.A (National Superior Applied and Craft Art schoo)l in Paris where I Spent two years (+2) studying a graphic design BTS (Technical superior certificate)

four more years to study. I graduated in 2017 and moved in Bordeaux where I'm now worki


ng for cultural, gastronomy and tourism field

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Lycée de la Communication Alain Colas. Sep. 1, 2010 - Jun. 1, 2013

I was fifteen when I went to a Design High school (Alain colas) where I discovered and studied many different art fields such as Architecture, Product Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design. I choose to become an illustrator and graphic designer and graduated with jury congratulations

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