Jewelry Drawer Series

I created two jewelry box installations using found objects, memorabilia and jewelry. The pieces were exhibited as part of group showcases at Galery OneTwentyEight (March 2017) and Anderson Contemporary Gallery (New York, May 2016) in New York.

1. Memory Box, 2016
53cm (H) X 40cm (W) X 4,5cm (D)


Vertically mounted jewelry drawer featuring cushioned segments wrapped in memorabilia, and lucite jewelry

Jewelry – Reclaimed lucite
Frame - Wood, acrylic paint, found materials

"Memory Box" places my signature jewelry, nestled in "cushions" wrapped not in fabric, but articles of sentimental value acquired over the years. The objects have been set in a jewelry drawer, a traditionally intimate piece of furniture that's instead been mounted on a wall as a decorative object. The installation make you question the value of memories while serving a cathartic purpose to me. In addition to being decorative, this piece can also function as a vertical ring-holder, and each of the rings is fully wearable - a play on the idea of "jewelry for the home."

2. An Invitation to Crime, 2016
53cm (H) X 40cm (W) X 4,5cm (D)

Vertically mounted jewelry drawer with cushioned sections holding jewelry

Jewelry - Reclaimed lucite, printed acetate, gold painted beads
Frame - Wood, acrylic paint, cotton velvet

In Invitation to Crime, a traditional jewelry drawer is created through identical velvet cushions holding the rings, each of which is different from the next. Many of the rings are inlaid with signature prints designed by me, while others carry memories, like an extract from my diary, or golden beads from my native city, Mumbai. I wanted to create a juxtaposition between a regal material holding the rings, and the fact that each of the rings, though beautiful and entirely original, are created from a humble, discarded material. Inviting the question - what creates value in an artwork – originality, or cost?

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Fashion jewellery, Abstract & Fine Art, Interior Design & Decoration, Ethical Fashion Initiative, Rings, 3D


Mixed media


Plastic, Wood