Immersed Office - Design Parade Toulon

More than a picture, the sea is a life frame. A privileged universe that turns on the mind, shapes the dreams, draws adventure and fascination. That project is designed to arrange a room devoted to creation in a seaside Mediterranean villa. Evoking by its structure a boat that is soaked in the water,


that workspace is meant to take its
passenger in the depths of creativity, guided by the uniqueness of that environment. Evolving in two distinct part, this place offers an open space that faces the outside of the
room, with a bookshelf, items, and documentation. Rather intimate, the second space contains a desk, designed to focus and create. This fixture relies on a micro-architecture process that provides the organisation of both the bookshelf in the open part of the room, and the desk in the inner part.
The construction is based on simple wooden cleats and soft plywood, in order to recall the serene and quiet movement of a boat laying on the seafloor.
The desk is opening from the bookshelf's structure and the flexion of two wooden slices, giving rise to a large workspace, held by pumice stone on the end.
Terracotta floors are lacquered in a deep blue finish, fading out on each section of wall. Always referring to the sea, this middle ground between time and innovation still preserves the spirit of an old mansion house.

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