Armchair 0.0.1

In the same manner that television revolutionized the traditional living room design in the 1950s, the rise of modern digital technologies is currently shifting our lifestyle and perception of furnishing. The drawing of this armchair acknowledges this evolution by incorporating this increased demand


for connectivity in its design while ensuring adapted seating for its users.

The research leading to this development identified four body positions linked to the use of digital technologies. The objective of the design was to provide a support for users to maintain a high level of comfort throughout various postures.
The structure is based on an assembly of built-in plywood. The seating area is designed with a cushion of light 3D textile, which is easy to wash, change or replace. One of the armchair feet is slightly bent, allowing a light backward tilt and thus providing a wider range of movement dynamics. The seating area is also somewhat elevated to bring a sensation of lightness.

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